June 01, 2010

Weighing in on Palin’s New Neighbor Problem

palin-motorcycle Ok, Here is how I see it.  The guy is not breaking a law, yet.  There is no law against him moving in next door.  She can keep him off her property.  She cannot keep him off someone else’s.  This is the same issue as paparazzi following Britney Spears or someone else.  If I caught him peeping, I would call the cops.  If he followed me I would slap a stalking lawsuit on him.  Let’s be honest, although not uber-rich the Palins are not hurting for money.  They should already have security people on retainer.  I am sure they do.  I would detail a Private eye to watch his house 24/7.  I would photo, from the street, his every coming and going, I would have someone go through his trash,  and generally surveil him twice as hard as he could surveil me.  When I discovered some weird proclivity of his I would write a face book post.  Heck, she could start a blog about his every move.  “Today Dipshit McGee got up at 10:30 had cornflakes and sanka coffee, took a crap that lasted exactly 13 minutes”… “Tuesday …found package of Depends in Dipshit McGee’s trash…interesting, and what does an old man need with Size 22 Women’s clothing?…”Wednesday…wow I have never seen someone use so much preparation H in my life, and gosh 3 fifths of Popov vodka a week…really?”  I would probably shine klieg lights from my yard into his bedroom window.  I would cut wood at odd hours of the night.  Maybe Todd needs to work on his Snow Machines?  I would build a fence.  I am sure that Sarah’s popularity is such that people in Wasilla are not going to have much love for this guy.  I am sure that she could arrange his difficulty buying so much as a cup of coffee, or a rick of firewood for this winter. 

He would get the hint…and he is going to write a hatchet job of a book whether he lives in NY or Sarah’s guest bedroom…so who care’s whether he likes it or not.

But I am sick of hearing people talk about the ethics or legality of what he is doing.  It is legal, and it is (barely) ethical…although creepy and low class.  So I wish the news would drop it.  I think Sarah can take care of her and her family.


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