June 23, 2010

Mexico to Assist The POTUS on Arizona Immigration Lawsuit.

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Say…what?   I am not going to post the whole article,  I just want the readers to help me wrap my mind around this entire situation.  Let’s list the facts:

  • The Federal Government has a Constitutional Mandate to protect our sovereignty.  To argue otherwise would make the formation of the federal government a moot point on the part of the founders based on Federalist papers 2 through 9.
  • The Federal government is not upholding its obligation to enforce the laws already contained in the federal register. 
  • The Feral  Government is also not making any move to repeal any federal laws.
  • Arizona, suffering a crime wave, passes a law MORE fairly written than the federal law to identify people who are in this country unlawfully and see them deported.
  • The POTUS calls out the state and begins proceedings to bring suit against the state for a law MIRRORING a federal law already on the books.
  • The chief executive of a foreign government files an amicus brief in UNITED STATES federal court on behalf of the federal government against a state of the United States.
    • Arizona should attempt to bring suit against the Mexican State of Sonora for allowing those people across the border in the first place.

Nope no matter how hard I try I cannot completely wrap my mind around that one.  One wonders if Obama would allow Mexico to just invade Arizona without lifiting a fing…oh wait…yeah he pretty much did.

Arizona Reconquesta

The story goes on to say:

[the amicus brief, filed by the Mexican Government] urges the federal court in Arizona to declare the law unconstitutional and stop it coming into effect.

"Mexico has a duty to protect its citizens and ensure that their ethnic origin is not used as a basis for committing discriminatory acts," the Mexican foreign ministry said in a statement.

ok..ok…Mexican authorities are challenging OUR laws governing OUR country and using OUR Constitution to back up THEIR claim that we are violating THEIR citizens rights to be in OUR country Illegally…still having trouble getting this really in my mind.

If Mexico was so concerned about its citizenry and felt its ‘duty’ so strongly it would control the crime problem it has and make Mexico a place people wanted to live. But Mexico’s second greatest export is labor (drugs is first) so instead, Mexico wants to demonstrate its ‘duty’ to its citizens by ensuring they can achieve the good life in the United States free gratis. The Obama Regime Minister of Labor is posting Public Service Announcements to let illegals know of just how good they can have it here  AND our POTUS is acting as an agent on their behalf.  On. Their. Behalf.  In fact there is a story/rumor/leak that if this lawsuit doesn’t work Chairman Zero will just proclaim it across the land that there are no illegals here via royal proclamation Executive Order.

Un-Freaking-Believable.  How is that not a High Crime?


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