June 24, 2010

I don’t want to grow up…I’m a liberal kid….

I don't want to grow up When I was a child my behavior was largely controlled by my parents.  When I went to bed, when I woke up, what I ate, when I ate, where I went, when I came home.  The temperature in the house was set by them, what I saw on TV, what church I attended.  My parents made sure I made my bed, and brushed my teeth, and combed my hair, and took a shower, and played fair, and shared with my friends and went to school. When I fell down they told me to get up, they looked at my boo boo, kissed it or took me to the ER as needed and told me it would be ok. 

My parents paid for things too.  I didn’t have to worry about my healthcare, or housing, or food.  I didn’t have to pay for my travel.  They bought my clothes, they provided me with entertainment.

When I didn’t want to pick up my toys, or when I didn’t want to brush my teeth, or make my bed, they would say “…when you are a man and have your own place to live, you can do as you please, you can live like a pig if you want, but while you are living under my roof you will do what I say.”  I am sure that most of you reading this have heard that or similar before as well.

I yearned to be a grown up, I wanted my freedom, I wanted to be able to kick my shoes off by the front door and just leave them there, I wanted to be able to eat ice cream right before I went to bed.  I could not wait until I got to make the rules for ME.  I thought that when I was all grown up the world would be mine for the taking and I would be FREEEEEEEE to experience the wonder of the whole world how I wanted.  Life would begin at 21.  Somewhere around age 10 my mommy quit kissing my boo boos and I quit crying when I fell down, I simply picked myself up, brushed myself off, and got a band-aid.  When I was young and went out for baseball…and utterly sucked…no one gave me a trophy…I was not a good baseball player, and everyone knew it.  I dealt with it.

One wonders what the liberal among us think about this.  To the average moonbat this world must be a truly frightening place.  Full of uncertainty, with not nearly enough safety nets, seat belts, and helmets in use.  I have wondered in the past if there is something markedly different in their upbringing to make them so desirous of being  a dependant. Dependent on the Nanny Government for their care and feeding.

The sun must have come up on their 18th, 21st, or 35th birthdays and they mustFailure to Launch have realized that gosh…their parents were not going to foot the bill anymore.  Someone was going to have to pay the electric bill, and the grocery bill, and the gas bill.   If they chose to do something really stupid no one would be there to save them.   Suddenly the world was full of danger, mean people who hurt their feelings, and people who did not think that the world revolved around them.

And unlike you and I, instead of setting out to find a job and enjoy the freedom, they set to work finding a new mommy.  Mommy government.  “I bought too big a house and can’t pay the bills!”, mommy will take care of it.   “I bought motorcycles and boats and clothes, and went to Vegas on my credit card and now they want paid”, Mommy Government will take care of it.  “I spent all my money on booze and cigarettes and now I am hungry”, mommy government will make sure you have food to eat.

“I didn’t know that eating a box of ho-ho’s every day would make me fat”…mommy government will fix it.  “I knew I should have worn my seatbelt but I didn’t want to”, mommy government is there to fix it, she will make sure everyone wears their seatbelts.   On and on and on and on…it must be someone else’s fault, and they need a mommy to make it all better.

Their parents must have shielded them from every embarrassment and every failure.  Their dad’s must have taken care of all their high school bullies.  Their mom’s must have made sure that no one ever was mean and hurtful to them.  Their parents must have paid their car credit cards, and speeding tickets and never allowed them to learn from their poor behavior.  They must have never learned that their actions had consequences for them. Because most of them cannot comprehend that not everyone loves them, some people are jealous, petty, and violent. 

My parents taught me that in this country I could do and be anything I wanted to be with enough hard work and perseverance.   Their parents must have taught them them that they could have anything of anyone else’s and never have to worry about consequences as long as they whined and cried loud enough.

They are the ultimate failures to launch.   


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