June 08, 2010

Na Na Na Na Hey hey hey….good bye

Anti-Semitic Bigoted Liberal Socialist Moron…

I mean if it wasn’t so sickening and serious it would be comical:

During a Jewish American Heritage Month celebration a Rabbi asks this old crone "Any comments on Israel?" to which the 89 year old Bleeding Heart Liberal (and I suspect Communist and apparently Arab-Palestinian sympathizer) pops off:

"Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine." She continued to say that the Palestinians are "occupied" and that the Jews should "Go home" — to Germany, Poland, America and "everywhere else."

Referring to the fact that the Balfour agreement (made during WWI) among other discussions and negotiations created Israel as a home for all the worlds Jews out of former Palestinian lands held by the British at the end of WW2…News flash… the Jews had it first.  And even though Thomas was alive prior to WW2 apparently she forgot the excellent treatment the Jews received by Hitler in Germany and even FDR in the US or most of the rest of the western world (“MS St. Louis” or “voyage of the damned”).

I refuse to believe that the comments she made are out of the mainstream thoughts of the administration.  The only thing different between what she said and what Obama probably thinks (along with most of his advisors) is that she was senile enough to say it to unfriendly (to her) journalists who would not kill the story.

She “retired” from a career spanning five decades and began covering presidents with the latter part of the Eisenhower administration. 


Although I generally feel it improper to pick on old ladies, she is symbolic of the liberal media of the 20th century and all that it stands for.  Good riddance…

I do sincerely hope that she lives out the rest of her days in peace and happiness though.


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