June 16, 2010

Government’s Positive Role to Play


Big Babies Every once in a while, when I begin to feel as though these people could not possibly be this out of touch with reality, I have to do a “Sanity Check”.  Last night I watched Rachel Maddow interview Chris Matthews.  Wow, did I learn some things.  I  did not, for instance, realize that they blatantly call themselves Progressives, I guess it is not a dirty word to them, I thought it was still a tarnished brand.  Apparently Chris Matthews has a documentary about the rise of the “New Right”.  I could literally spend a day dissecting and parsing all the ridiculousness that was said.  From the unstated but implied position that Communists never infiltrated the State Department or other government agencies, claiming  that Barry Goldwater incited terrorism,  the fact that the United States is a Center-Right country (ok I can agree with that)… like France (WTF!!?).  Matthews makes the preposterous assertion that Harry Reid is back in the saddle, that Crist has a chance, that Sestak will win, Pat Toomy is a goner and, of course, there were the obligatory jibes at Michelle Bachmann.  I think it would serve them right if Michelle would someday with the Speaker’s Chair.  The best might have been that Reagan moved to the center after his election. ROFLMAO.ratings

But as I have been doing lately there is one issue that really really set off the warning bells:

  MATTEWS:  I don‘t think we are an extremist country, but these voices are frightening.  And at a time of economic desperation, if you will, they‘re being listened to.  But the one ironic - I don‘t want to call it silver lining - the one whisper of possible good coming out of this horror in the Gulf of Mexico, what is really hurting North America, the love we have for this part of the world, our own part of the world, is that maybe it convinces people that government is important
As you said earlier in the program, government has a very positive role to play.  To regulate - when you get on the airplane, don‘t you want to know there‘s an FAA?  When you open up a can of tuna, don‘t you want to know that there‘s somebody making sure it doesn‘t have toluene in it?  Don‘t you want somebody on your side besides the money guys? 

This is exactly what Ayn Rand wrote about.  BP was not drilling 40 miles out and a mile down in the ocean because the view was good from there.  They weren’t drilling 40 miles out and a mile down because there is some sort of tax incentive.  They weren’t drilling 40 miles out and a mile down because it was easy.  And despite what all the moonbats say BP was not drilling 40 miles out and a mile down because there is no more easy oil to get to.  There are many many places the Oil Industry would like to explore but the Government won’t let it happen. This was one of Rand’s main points. Government first ties the hands of business setting the stage for failure, waits for planned failure to occur, and then pounces and claims the answer is more government.  NO, the answer is a more Responsible government.

 faaAnd to answer their questions, no, I don’t care if there is an FAA, not really, because I do not think they have a demonstrable effect on safety.  Remember the story where Southwest Airlines flew thousands of flights in violation of FAA directives? Where it was found that  a “relaxed culture” of oversight that investigators later termed “symptomatic of much deeper problems.” But three separate probes found alarming evidence that the necessary integrity was often missing, and that relationships between airlines and FAA inspectors were often far too cozy.  There is a motive for flight safety;  it is profit, and customer 20060912120223-mr-burnsservice. 

The liberal mindset is one where all capitalists are wild eyed crazy people, filthy money grubbing mobsters who are are positively aroused by the prospect of hurting people.  This is not the case. 

Toluene in Tuna?  How about Salmonella on Spinach, did the USDA or the FDA catch that?  updated_fda_food_pyramidRemember the peanut butter plant?  Did the USDA  or the FDA catch that?  Oh, how about  the food imported from China, did the FDA or the USDA catch that?  Our children have as high as a 30% dropout rate in the most Liberal Controlled areas of the country, the Department of  Education always just asks for more money, what have they solved?  The Dept of Energy was created over 30 years ago to investigate Alternative Energy sources, have you heard of any big breakthroughs?  MSHA was in the W. Va. mine every day, e v e r y  day, did they prevent the mine collapse? Has, ICE, more commonly known as La Migra fixed the border yet? What agency of Government is fixing the Oil Leak?  Did the government war-game the consequences of drilling 40 miles off the coast and a mile down?  Were they standing ready with the experts to fix it?  Has the Navy or Coast Guard waved their magic wand and made it go away.  No, and they can’t and shouldn’t.  fda-conflict-of-interestsThat is not what a Government is for, and ecological disasters are  for damn sure not what the military is for. That is like sending a firefighter to unclog a toilet.

The Positive Role of Government would be to get rid of those regulations (the Jones act) preventing other ships and other entities from helping us with this problem. The Positive Role of Government would be to protect our interests at home and abroad and remove roadblocks to the path of success, not build them ever higher and wider.

You would think that would be a concept that the One World Government crowd could get behind.  The Gulf is not just ours, it belongs to the world.   If BP goes bankrupt because of BP’s failure so be it.  That is the risk you take being in business. Or it should be, and it was, until government got involved.  This whole theatrics of strong arming BP for billions to put into an escrow would be pointless if Government already hadn’t got involved to limit liability.  In fact, Government incentivized the poor decision making taking place on that oil rig, by limiting the liability to 75 Million.  That was after the Valdez, during the Clinton Presidency, I believe.  Limiting liability to 75 million certainly encourages risky behavior when you stand to make billions. The law was on BP’s side.  But to suggest that the BP disaster is a good thing because it will increase dependency on government …I cannot even wrap my mind around the concept that a culture of dependency is a positive goal to strive for. 

Old-ConstitutionYes government has a role, and it is an important one. Its role was spelled out in a 7 page document 223 years ago, there are 17 original functions of the Federal Government and not a one of them has anything to do with anything that those two imbeciles talked about.


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