June 14, 2010

Kristof: Proposing a King and Queen for America

On a tip from thefoxnation and weaselzippers
So Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times wrote this little snarky column Proposing a US King and Queen calling attention to the fact that in many ways the POTUS has to not only do public relations work but also to actually solve problems (a debatable point all by itself) which makes his job really hard.  His main thesis is that we should not be so harsh on Obama by expecting him to emote in an appropriate fashion regarding the Oil Spill, going so far to say that the “ass kicking” comment is all the public’s fault because of the intense pressure the public has put on him to show emotion (no, I think the pressure is to show LEADERSHIP and Concern).  We are told that he just does not work that way, he is too cool for that, and that, instead, he is a problem solver.  Now, many of my fine friends on the Right are gong to jump all over Kristof’s article for a myriad of reasons.  Such as, Obama is supremely more qualified to perform PR work than to actually do something productive.  It is not as though his domestic or foreign policies are working.  Which is a great point in and of itself.  Similarly, one could rant at length that Obama and Lady M already fancy themselves some sort of messianic rulers. I could write 1000 words on debunking the myth that the man or administration has solved even 1 problem.  But, I want to zero in on something that Mr. Kristof said.  Sometimes it is the little things that one says that really give you insight into what people actually think.   What Mr. Kristof thinks is symptomatic of the entire problem with our country.

“One of the things I admire about this administration is its cerebral, no-drama emphasis on empirical evidence in addressing issues such as health, education and poverty. This is government by adults, by engineers rather than by dramatists.” [emphasis mine]
orly_dr_evil Riiiggght.  So what engineering degree does Obama have?  What engineering degree do any of his top advisors have? Mechanical, Electrical, Structural?  Civil?  Choo Choo?   This administration has less business experience than any other before it.  This is arguably the least experienced problem solving administration in history…except for one “problem” and one kind of “engineering”.  Notice the author did not say “addressing issues such as Energy, The evil tyrants in North Korea and Iran, the two Wars, the Recession, Crime, or  Illegal immigration” no, he said “Health, Education, and Poverty.”  No, the only type of engineering expertise possessed by the Zero Administration is the pseudo science of Social Engineering or Science of Society, not to be confused with real Social Sciences like Archaeology, History, Linguistics, Economics, Geography, or Anthropology. 
The term Sociology became very popular in the late 19th/early 20th century as technology seemed to make everything possible, even the changing of human nature and human interaction.  The “Problem” they seek to “solve” is the same “problem” that Lenin, Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung/Kim Jung Il, Hugo Chavez, Che Guevera, Fidel and Raul Castro, Woodrow Wilson, FDR,  and any other failed or failing despots you care to namsocialism1e have tried to “solve”.   They would call it “fairness” or “compassion”.  They might call it the “war on poverty”, the “Great Society” or even “redistributive change”.   What I would call it is Human Nature and the tendency for those who strive, sweat, struggle and persevere to fail and fail again, and then actually succeed; and the natural tendency of those who sit around and bitch and moan about how they can’t make it on their own…attempt nothing and therefore will never succeed, without help from Community Organizers, Labor Unions, and the Nanny State.
What it boils down to is one of two things (or both).  The attempt to changeObama sistine human nature to “perfect” man and create heaven on earth. Which is a misguided and naive, pie in the sky, hippie dreamer mentality;
or, a very cynical and evil scheme to addict the populace to the opium of government (welfare, food stamps, the earned income tax credit,  free housing, paid utilities, free education, free childcare, free cell phones, and being too big or too important to fail) in order to forge an everlasting nobility and benevolent tyranny on an increasingly ignorant and helpless public.
Garofolo - IgnoramusReally it is both.  Because without the former mind numbed illiterati (wow did I invent a new word?) to assist them, the power mad know-it-alls could never amass enough power to “save” us from ourselves.

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