August 06, 2009

912 events in DC

The Liberty Summit will be a huge gathering of limited government activists and leaders from around the country. It will feature guest speakers and panels on the biggest issues of the day. We are deciding between the DC Armory and the Shakespeare Theatre.

Here are some of the potential speakers for the Liberty Summit, which will be held the morning of Thursday, September 10th.

Dick Armey - FreedomWorks

C. Boyden Gray - FreedomWorks

Yaron Brook - Ayn Rand Center for Individual Liberty

Chris Chocola - Club for Growth

John Tate - Campaign for Liberty

Michael Cannon - Cato Institute

Dan Mitchell - Cato Institute

Sen. Jim DeMintText Color
Rep. Ron Paul
Rep. Jeb Hensarling
Rep. Jeff Flake
Rep. Doug Lamborn
Rep. Virginia Foxx
Rep. Marsha Blackburn
Rep. Tom Price
Rep. Scott Garrett
Rep. Mike Pence
Rep. Michele Bachmann
Rep. Paul Broun

I have already registered to attend. Tickets are free and there are roughly 500 left. Anyone going to DC will find it well worth your while to attend this one. I suspect that some bigger names may be there too. Maybe someone who is on radio and last name ends with a "B"

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