August 04, 2009

FINALLY - it begins to unravel, the town hall uprisings

Just a quick post to recap the excellence that has been spewing forth from Patriots all across this country. It will not be long and these Grade A A-holes will refuse to do town halls....I look for that soon.

Check this out, Specter and See-Bilious being shouted down at their Health DE-form Town Hall trying to make us love Zero- Care (Brought to you by Chairman Zero).

Just yesterday the San Fransisco Chronicle reported a story of a group of Seasoned Citizens who walked into a conference room in Senator Dianne Feinstein's (gag) office in California, demanding that she speak with them about their healthcare concerns. They refused to leave until the Senator spoke with them. Feinstein called the cops. (wonder if they acted "stupidly?"

Don't miss part one and part two of this on Youtube, it is awesome:Rep. Tim Bishop's townhall meeting in Setauket, New York, where he was greeted by an angry large crowd of citizens.

Dont miss these:
Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas got an earful here:. This YouTube video shows Doggett being shouted down by angry citizens.
Then there is the Piece-De-resistance from Breibart, showing Barack Obama in his own words explaining how his healthcare plan will eliminate private health insurance plans.
This alone just may well be the smoking gun that does in Barack Obama, particularly with regard to his government takeover of healthcare. He clearly lied to the public about his true motives.

And then there is this one here is a video of 'Snarlin' Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania being shouted down by angry citizens over his statement that we 'get this done in a hurry.'

But my personal favorite series are the ones where a Soldier demands an apology from fraulein McCaskill (Missouri's personal emissary from the Big Zero fan club, and Pelosi Lickspittle for hire.) Fraulein McCaskill, or Her Majesty, as I imagine she would prefer to be called could nto be bothered to actually attend her Town Hall, so she sent her toadies and Lackies...didnt stop the patriots there from slamming her. - US Soldier Demands Apology From Senator Claire McCaskill , YouTube - Claire McCaskill Town Meeting--Healthcare Debate, For those who cannot do the Youtube thing:
"Missouri Senator Claire "ACORN" McCaskill arranged for her district director,
Michelle Sherod to meet with constituents (after calling the cops on them two
weeks ago) at a town hall meeting on Monday night at Forest Park Community
College in St. Louis. Americans for Prosperity's Carl Bearden moderated the
meeting and Ms Sherod took questions for the Senator. They were expecting
around 100-150 people... Hundreds showed up. (There was one estimate that 1,000
were in attendance.) It was so crowded they were forced to move the meeting down
to the cafeteria.
And then, Paul Curtman said,

"I know that in my Constitution, that I took an oath to – I know that all the
powers of the legislative branch of government are confined in article I section
VIII, and they have less than 20 enumerated powers. And nowhere in there, as was
already touched on earlier, nowhere in there is healthcare mentioned, which is
also health control, which isn’t also mentioned. It’s not mentioned in there, so
she has no business except fighting against it.”
“And I’ve
mentioned this to politicians before, and they the Constitution and they turn it
into some kind of huge elastic document that they try to wrap around everything.
If you read our founding fathers even they said that the general welfare clause,
which she’s probably going to try to use to explain – even the general welfare
clause – our founding fathers Thomas Jefferson, James Madison the father of the
Constitution, Benjamin Franklin, and so on, so on, so on. Every one of them said
that the general welfare clause was only to be used within the confines of the
enumerated powers in Article I Section VIII. Claire McCaskill. I’m not so
much looking for an explanation from her, as I’m looking for an apology, because
this shouldn’t even be introduced.”

I would vote for that young man!

Finally I offer this article to you...Hope Springs Eternal
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