August 06, 2009

I couldn’t resist

All those Town Hall Mobsters getting you down, pResident Zero? Plans to ram Zero Care - Healthcare Deform down our throats not working out so well?  Poll numbers falling?   Cops hate you now for calling them stupid?  Biden still breathing?  Even Drive-By media members (Helen Thomas) starting to call bullshit on your bullshit?  Cap and tax bill seem to be stalled?  Economy still tanking?  So called recovery plan a big fat failure?  Members of your administration suggesting you are going to break your ‘No new taxes’ campaign rhetoric? Getting a lot of weird comments on your Hitler youth white house citizens reporting on citizens program? The All Barack Channel, PMSNBC, Communist News Network, and others starting to actually ask you questions?  Criticism starting to get to you?

Well, Let’s put a SMILE on that face…

Let's Put a Smile on that face

I just love that poster.

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