August 11, 2009

Obama’s Masterful Handling of His Skeptics

I just got done watching some video of Obama’s performance at his town hall meeting in Portsmouth today.  Does ANYONE believe that this was not staged.  They said it was not.  I am more than a tad bit skeptical.  So I am to believe that every other Congressman and Senator has been getting raked over the coals.  The ONE dissenter in Obama’s little charade got an Obamagasm when he winked at her and she virtually apologized for even asking a question.

One of the little automatons in the “audience” asked when Obama was just going to cram it down our throats despite dissent because it was what we wanted and needed. (!)

Anyone who watches that and compares it to what all the others are going through and still persists in the belief that it was not staged proves the point that Obamazombies are either willfully ignorant or mentally deficient.

Astroturf indeed!  That was a townhall all but using a green screen.  hmmm that is an interesting thought.  Give them time, give them time.

I think the reason the Moonbats believe that the town halls are staged is because that is what THEY would do, and they know they have never drawn a crowd before.

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