August 29, 2009

Our 912 DC trip: the Smithsonian...

KOOK and I in planning our trip to DC aren't just going there to protest and do politics. We will be taking an extra day to take in as much of Washington DC as possible in our spare time. We want to see (for me what has been several times) as much of the history of our country and legacy of this Nations' greatest minds as possible. The first place that came to mind for us to visit was a unanimous choice on both our parts. That place is the Smithsonian Museums. Nowhere in one place is there more of American history to be seen and shared with you than at the Smithsonian. I could go into everything that is there to be seen and shared but I don't have a month to do this post. Unfortunately I will not have a month to spend there at the Smithsonian and believe me I could do so very easily. However, given the opportunity to do one thing in DC where we can see more, learn more and share more with you it is there. You can go to the Smithsonian's website here and preview a little of our planned trip for

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