August 22, 2009

Load and Make Ready!

Rounding out my membership into the RWBCNJ* club I thought I would post some of my Tools of Evil Destruction(TM)…also known as Guns to all the rest of you, my comrades in arms. I do not know why I have been remiss thus far in sharing these with the rest of the group. I shared pics of the Boat, the Tractor, and the 4x4…this is all that is left other than a cooler of beer. Then my credentials as a RWBCNJ Redneck will be complete. I won’t share all the pics at once that way if any of our friends of the more liberal persuasion see this they won’t go into shock and run hysterically screaming from the room. It is not my intention to scare anyone.

img201 img200

Just bought this TO-DAY. My first foray into the “scary black guns” It is a Hi Point 9mm Carbine. It shoots SA-Weet. Burned about 100 rounds through it today. My ears are still ringing. A Flashlight and a red-dot scope are definitely on the list.


Due to the fact I have a surgically repaired shoulder I get to play with these too. Cross-bows are bad ass. Silent and deadly. Just the way I like it.


Remington model 742 in 30.06. I actually have matching ones. Because one 30.06 just is not enough. In the picture here it is snuggling up to the new ‘9.


Here is one you won’t see every day. On the left is a Bolt Action 16 Ga. Shotgun that belonged to my Pappy…er…Maternal Grandfather to any of the elitists still with us. To the right of that is my .50 cal Muzzle Loader.


And lastly, for this post, (and I had to go downstairs to the other gun case for this one) is my .22-250. You know for those long distance calls. Nothing like shattering everlasting gobstoppers at 200 yards. Who knew they exploded when hit by a tiny projectile traveling a coupla times the speed of sound?

So….there is a few of my odes to the second amendment. What d’y’all think?

*Right Wing Bitter Clinging Nut Job.

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