August 28, 2009

Latest Blog Updates

Just a quick update on some minor changes to the blog. I changed the labels to a tag cloud, this takes up less room and is a visual representation of the topics we cover. Joel and I are. Not always good at adding labels to our posts and periodically I go in and relabel everything. But as the blog grows larger and larger post wise this topical indexing becomes more Important so we wil do better. I changed the intense debate comments plugin to use a pop-up style interface; this wil make it easier for iPhone users (including Joel and I)
You all have no doubt noticed the linked in suggestions foe other posts you might enjoy; this is a really great plugin I first saw over at TCL. This plugin has made it more desireable to insert pictures into our posts and readers, it seems like pictures anyway, so I wil be using pictures more often. Other than that I just want to say thanks to all the folks who are joining us everyday, and hello to the new folks. Joel and I boh appreciate the positive comments we have received. We all must just keep fighting the fight and stay our course because it appears we are beginning to win.
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