August 19, 2009

Well Said My Friend.…This Guy brings out the worst in me too…

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This guy brings out the worst in me

I saw over at Hot Air that our licksphincter (*chortle) of a president is offering up our money to Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company, to help develop a big offshore oil field. $2 billion, billion with a "B." It is outrageous, especially coming from a guy who's so against domestic drilling and petroleum use. (amen!) But for whatever reason, the issue just didn't piss me off the way it should have. 'Spose I'm just getting used to Obama being a lying, hypocritical POS who throws our money around like it is effin' confetti. (*hee hee* I know I am getting sensory burnout on my pissed off meter too…)
Then I read further and saw that George Soros just-so-happened to make a big stock move in Petrobras that coincided (coincided, yeah right) with Obama's $2 billion pledge. (What a Kowinky- DInk, one would think there was some collusion there if one were a paranoid right winger)
OK, now I'm officially pissed! (me too!) Isn't this prick rich enough yet? (never!)Aren't we in enough debt already? (Are we still a sovereign nation? Then not enough for this crowd)I know Barry has made the pissing away of billions an almost trivial event, but WTF? Put us on the hook for more debt so Georgie can get richer and Brazil can sell us oil we should be drilling ourselves? Son...of...a...bitch! (ditto)
I'm kind of a newbie around here, so a lot of you don't know all that much about me or my writing. I'm basically a really low-key easy-going guy. I mostly just write sarcastic, even bordering on silly, stuff to try to entertain. It takes A LOT to get my blood pressure up where it is right now. This Soros pitsniffer really, really pisses me off. (*giggle Pitsniffer…*guffaw)

Feed Your ADHD

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