October 13, 2009

Claire McCaskill: you little fibber you!

Claire why do you make it so easy for me? Don't you know that I keep an eye on you? Last time I had a message for you it was actually one with a litle bit of praise. But now you went and got on the big stage tonight with O' Reilly.

Seriously Claire-bear you better watch going on O'reilly; you know Fox news is the enemy of your lord the obamessiah. He will be displeased with you for consorting with the enemy. But I digress, I was getting ready to give you a bit of a dressing down and expose your disingenuousness with the people of America.
1. When Bill asked if you had read the bill he was talking about the Senate Finance Committee bill. As we have discussed there has until just very very recently not been an actual bill.
You said that you had read the only bill that has been available. That is not the "bill" O'reilly was talking about and you know it, and I know it. You said you would read this one when it became available. That is real nice... Whoppedy flipping doo.
2. Bill asked you what the most impressive thing was about this bill and you said that it was the fact that the CBO said that this was going to reduce the deficit. Wrong. Answer. Claire.
As previously discussed like umm... everywhere on the 'net the CBO DID MOT SCORE THE BAUCUS BILL BECAUSE THERE WAS NO BAUCUS BILL. They scored what was basically pipe dreams, and they said as much.
Bill tried to call you on it and you wiggled sideways on the issue of the taxes starting now but the care starting in four years. Then you called Rove a liar. He may be and probably is but then you went and started talking about all the great things in the bill that the CBO couldn't score. Uh huh. The reason that they cannot score it is because they haven't seen the bill and neither have you. Oh and the government is going to help cure diabetes now? Seriously. And we have to think long term, and you are right Americans aren't getting a raise... Yah, the government is going to save money by taxing us and redistributing our wealth.
Nice dodge on the redistribution of wealth question and the redirect to the Rove/Bush slam on Medicare part D (for the record I didn't like that either and no there is very little government has ever done that I do like)

Oh we are going to allow competition across state lines are we? I will believe that when I see it and the only way that will work is of there is no government takeover like the queen bee Pelosi wants.

And then you went to the bottom of the barrel of democrat il-logic and used Chairman Zero's favorite straw man argument of "we can do nothing or we can do this". When you break that argument down it looks something like this: "we have to do something about this problem, This plan is something; therefore we must do this plan." Hurry hurry hurry vote now. Shut up and vote the time for debate is over it is a crisis we have to vote now now now.
Final point: you want us all to believe that the same government that has never saved money and rarely if ever had a project come in under budget is going to actually bring down the cost of health care. Hey Claire, if you believe that I have some swampland in Stoddard County I would like to sell you. Gimme a call, ask the White House for my number.

"Praise Obama!" Or maybe "who is a little fibber mcgee? Me me me!"

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