October 02, 2009

Punk'd: Obama goes to Copenhagen


So let me get this straight the "leader of the free world" wasted political capital and our soon to be worthless dollars to go to Copenhagen and... He got Olympically Poned?

I wanted someone else to get the Olympics anyway because we don't have the money to waste and the corruption would have been truly epic. But as much as I do believe that pResident Zero is a guppy in a shark tank I don’t really like the rest of the world being able to laugh at the United States expense.

This just illustrates what a total rube he is. The POTUS doesn't ask for things that he doesn't already know the answer too... Umm cause it gives the impression you are an impotent moron.

The sheer idiocy for the "most powerful man in the world" to go and get told "nein" or whatever they say in Denmark.

Clichéd I know but how much fun would the media have had if it had been Dubya?

Makes me wonder if somewhere in the white house Hillary Clinton and Ashton Kutcher are laughing their asses off.

What. A. Dumbass.

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