October 15, 2009

I Have Absolutely No Doubt

“Ruin everything it is to be an American?”

Equality.  Not only do I have no doubt they can, I believe they are intent on making us all “equal”.  Equally sick, cold, hungry, helpless, homeless, and miserable. 

We will probably be saying “mmmm mmmm mmmm Rat, it’s what’s for dinner” or “Pigeon the other –other white meat” .  Of course it will be difficult hunting them down what with all of our guns being melted down to make Priuses.  Maybe we can just show the prospective delicious looking Rat this picture:

that oughta do the trick.

The phrases, “nah, I got two legs, just saw that one off, then I can get on disablitiy anyway, dammit I am tired of eatin Rat” and “Here, I will bite this stick you go ahead to operate” will be heard from back alleys and garages throughout the land.

We will probably all be saying “yabba dabba doo”, as we “ride with the family down the street.  through the courtesy of our two feet”  because cars will be so crappy and so expensive that even if we actually had two dollars they wouldn’t be worth wiping our A$$es with, speaking of which, that will probably be a great idea by that time because I am sure after smartgrid, cap and tax, the toilet tax, the Vat tax, and the Fat tax there will be a tax on toilet paper too.

Thoughts like, “I wonder if my cardboard box will be better as shelter or as fuel?”, and  “Sure wish I had my Obama signs, t shirts, and bumper stickers…I bet they would burn and I could get warm” and  “ I sure had hoped Algore was right, I could use a little global warmth right now” will be heard everywhere by next winter if we do not get busy and get some things done.  This is ridiculous.

Oh, when I say “all” what I really mean is “everyone but them”.  You know, WE the people, or as they like to think of us “those ignorant rubes out in flyover country”, or their “disloyal subjects” 

Change we can all believe in…I mean He said it, didn’t he?  “…five days away…from fundamentally transforming this nation…” he just forgot the last part: “into Kenya, land of my birth”

-A slightly grumpy KOOK

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