October 23, 2009

We’re Fast Approaching The Winter Festival, Comrades

And today our Dear Leader Chairman Zero released a special version of his favorite childhood game, where he first learned to consolidate power and spread his benevolent goodness to the less fortunate masses.  It is being given freely to everyone in this country regardless of citizenship and free of charge (in keeping with proper political thought), all you have to do is say “MMMM MMM MMM Barack Hussein Obama” three times and Rahm will mail it to you (he mails lots of interesting things all the time). 

No money is used in the game instead players request rent payment vouchers from the Minister of Entitlements which is the only character allowed to use the Money bag token.

In addition to the Moneybag, the game pieces also include: a little red book, a peacock, an acorn, a hammer, a sickle, a red star, an “air force one”, a crown, a Nobel prize token, a unicorn, and a teleprompter.  No dice are used in the game, all decisions are made at the whim of the player chosen as the Chairman at the beginning of the game.  The game is over when everyone realizes that no one can get ahead using the new rules of the game, or when everyone starves to death, usually the only person who enjoys himself is the person selected to be the Chairman.

 Air Force One crown nobel peace prize sicklemoneybagunicorn 

little red book ACORN  Star Peacok -Sympbol of Official Propaganda department  hammer teleprompter 

Presenting : Obamanopoly


Get your copy today…and have a happy winter festival season.


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