October 08, 2009

ROFLMAO – Levi Johnson (Bristol Palin’s Ex) To pose for Playgirl

Father of Sarah Palin's grandson set to pose nude for Playgirl

You just can’t make this stuff up:

“Levi Johnston, the father of Palin's grandson and former lover of her 18-year-old daughter, is reportedly going to pose naked for Playgirl, according to media reports in Europe and the United States.”

Ok, I will keep this short, and I almost didn’t even post on it.  But as of 2003 Playgirl’s readership was 50% Gay men.  Way to go Levi you big stud you. As of January it became an online only publication.  Readership or should I just say viewership is um…very small.  

What a freaking tool.  Levi, buddy, if you are listening to anyone.  This is just a publicity stunt so that other more reputable media can make fun of Sarah by proxy you moron.  You are going to be a laughing stock. 

Maybe this is why you would break up with the beautiful daughter of one of the most famous and beautiful people of this decade… it has always been your dream to be a gay porn star.  Good luck with that dipshit.

I can just hear him on E! in a couple of months: “yeah I used to date the former Governor of Alaska’s daughter, we got a kid together, she was hot,  and you know, they are like filthy rich now and stuff, but I just thought I wanted to join the exciting world of Online Gay Porn.”  good career choice…


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