October 26, 2009

The Cola War of Politics.

Generic Cola...Whatever  I have written before how Political ideologies and the parties Obama Statist -  same failed ideology in a new shiny wrapperthemselves are like soft drinks.  The Ideology is what is in the “can”, the party is the “can”. Sometimes politicians sell an old product in a new flashy can:

And sometimes you get the old Can with the same product as your competitor: Rinos - Go be Democrats already...losers, they will hate you anyway.

The Cap and Traitors

 Donkey...Elephant...Whatever  We have three options.  The Republican party is Like “new coke”; same great New Coke - Same great name, but you can't be successful ripping off your competitor!can, horrible product. Actually, the product is just a rip off of the biggest competitor. At this point I don’t want to drink any more GOP, “New Coke.”   Liberal Progressivism- Same old crap, no matter how you dress it up.The Democrats are like Pepsi. They have been doing the same thing with slight variations of the can since the beginning.  They have been Liberal, and they have been Progressive, and back to Liberal and now back to openly calling themselves Progressive again; but it has always been the same (failed) ideology.

I think the real question is if we can change the back to Coca-Cola Classic formula can we still use the old can label to sell the product?  Or is it better, at this point,  to use the old tried and true formula in a new can and try to compete letting the GOP keep the old label with the new ingredients?  People are visual, and when it Ain't nothin like the real thing baby!is on the shelf you are selling what people remember and the look, not the actual taste. It is not until after you buy it and take it home you get to taste it to see if you like it.   So, can we successfully market an old (proven!, reliable!, great!) idea with a new label and make it work, or do we make Coke put Coca-Cola Classic back in the Coke can?


I don’t know and I don’t think many of us really know either, but I know I freaking hate “New” GOP at this point almost more than I do “Classic” Democrat.

KMBR at the Rational Jingo nails my sentiments exactly, read her post:

The Rational Jingo: War for the Soul of the RNC


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