April 19, 2009

We Need to Get Back to Conservativism-Classic

Back in an older Post I wrote how political parties are like Brand Names and Ideologies are products. I used a soft drink analogy, and that analogy holds up pretty well. In the US the Democrat Party (it really steams them when you say Democrat instead of Democratic) is the Liberal party, and the product they sell has been Liberalism. The product has stayed the same, but sometimes they have changed what they have called the product. They have called it Liberalism, and they have called it Progressivism, and back and forth. But it is always the same cola in the can and it tastes a lot like Socialism. I agree with many who call it Statism, similar to all the other totalitarian -isms. Socialism, Communism, Fascism.

So the salesmen, Democrats, have a product. The product is what is in the "can"; it is the beverage. The "can" has a "label"; it is typically either labeled as Liberalism, or Progressivism in the US, but it tastes like all the other flavors of Statism in the world. Democrats have stayed true to peddling the same product year after year, but they have occasionally changed the label.

But just like Pepsi has Coke we have another major brand in the US. It is usually sold by the Republican "salesmen"; the "product" in can has in the past been "Conservativism" and the label on the can has generally been "Republican".

The Republicans have done precisely what Coca-Cola did in the early 80's with New Coke. Coca-Cola had a winning brand with a winning product, but they were afraid the other big Cola was going to take market share with "Pepsi". So what did they do? They made their product taste more like Pepsi, and they called it New Coke. A lot of Coca-Cola drinkers hated New Coke, they liked Coke because it was not Pepsi. And the thing is, Pepsi does Pepsi better than Coke did Pepsi. So many "drinkers" went ahead and chose Pepsi. But everyone wanted Coca-Cola "Classic".

There is where we are with the Republicans. They had a winning brand with a winning product, they never changed the Brand label, but they screwed up the Product; they called it Compassionate Conservativism. They changed their product to be more like Pepsi...well really Diet Pepsi....and everyone knows if given the choice between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi, most folks based on taste alone would choose Pepsi, never mind that despite not being what we want, Diet Pepsi, really is better for you than Regular Pepsi.

Now some people say to heck with Coke or Pepsi, they want to move to RC, or a third party. But history shows most folks either want Coke or they want Pepsi. The Problem is the Republicans aren't selling Coke Classic, they are selling that "quasi Pepsi" swill "New Coke".

Well what happened to Coca-Cola? They eventually realized they lost money, market share, and customers, and they switched back to Coca-Cola Classic. Voila, for the most part Coca Cola is the King again. We have to make sure that the Republicans go back to selling "Conservativism Classic", because as 2008 proved: if the choice is between Pepsi and New Coke, the people's Choice is Pepsi....the taste of a new generation.

But we ALL know...Nothing beats the Real Thing, Baby.

"A.D.D." moment...anyone but me think the new Pepsi logo looks like the Obama "O" Logo? yuck.

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