April 01, 2009

What are the other fun things I learned today? The hight points...

  • Hillary Clinton reached out to Iran the other day and there were reports of our representative and Iran's representative getting chummy at some conference. The Iranians responded today that these overtures and stories are ridiculous. They made it clear that they have no itention of talking with us. ...why can't we all just get along?

  • The Boy King took an even dozen...12..teleprompters to europe. I bet he took his security blanket and binky too.
  • Obama apologized at the G20 and took responsibility for the economic mess...that's right blame the united states.

Obama was supposed to unite the world:

  • N. Korea is testing missiles and despite Hillary begging like a drunk coed at a bar on ladies night for them to call her, they apparently have not.
  • Iran just told us to buzz off.
  • We have embarassed ourselves to the British twice...
  • Woops make that three times apparently the white house press dept (headed by Robert --super genious--Gibbs) handed out press kits written on an elementary school level and containing a LOT of inaccuracies. Apparently the Eurpean press is a little more literate and concerned with the truth than Keith Olbermann.
  • Israel says if we won't do our job in the middle east they will take care of Iran.
  • The German said we are spending too much money.
  • The FRENCH!...!!...said we are being irresponsible with the economy.
  • The head of the chinese communist central bank said we are out of control.
  • The Russians and the Chinese say that they have lost faith in the dollar and we need a one world currency to replace it.
  • And The European Union President said today that Obama is leading the US to Hell.

He has been in office 72 days or thereabouts and I guess he was right. He has united most of the world in thinking he is a retard. I know he has convinced me, how about you?

  • I also learned today that a terrorist attack is now called a man made disaster.
  • The Obama romper room, I mean Administration is reversing a Bush policy and requesting a seat on the UN human rightsd council. Why you ask would Bush not have wanted the U.S. Involved in a group with such lofty aims? It might have had something to do with the fact that council is made up of among others cuba, communist china, saudi arabia, and a couple african nations. Yep that would put us in good company there. Sounds to me like the goal of that group is to learn how to violate human rights better...maybe that is why Obama wants on there.
  • Miss universe says Gitmo is relaxing and beautidul and very humane.
  • Mark Levin's book Liberty & Tyranny (which I HIGHLY recommend) is the top selling book of any category in the U.S. After one week on the shelves
  • After causing Alaskan republican senator Ted Stevens his re-election, and lord knows he was not a good guy, with a lawsuit, the case was thrown out due to the (liberal) prosecution's misconduct.
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