April 21, 2009

I Received a Letter from a Senator

Just a quick note to report that I received what might not be a form letter from Senator McCaskill (D). Or it could be a form letter, but it gave me a good laugh when I got it. I am formulating my response now, and will share it and her letter with everyone when I send it.

The reason that it might possibly not be a form letter is because it addresses every single one of the items I last sent to her. Of course, I am nowhere near the only person teetotally hacked off over everything these goons are doing.

I do make it a hobby of emailing my representative and senators every couple of weekss, you know, just to keep in touch. I have no idea if it helps at all, but it makes me feel better. One thing is for sure, they will certainly not read the letter I do not send...whereas if I send it, maybe someone will.
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