April 16, 2009

Found the DHS report on Left Wing Extremism

Found that report on Left wing extremism. Yeah, it was nothing like the Right wing extremism report that I posted on the other day. I guess this should not be a surprise, but it is not very descriptive at all. I feel like they did a very poor job of identifying the threat. So I thought I would do my part.

The left Wing report focused on the untrue assertion that Left Wing Extremists are non-violent and focused primarily on cyber crime. They were both authored by the "Office of Intelligence and Analysis" whereas the Right Wing Report subcommittee was called the "Extremism and Radicalism Branch" the Left Wing Report was called the "Strategic Analysis Group." Anybody but me see a slight difference in just that part of the report?

Because the Left Wing report does such a poor job identifying who to look out for here is my list

People involved in the Left Wing Extremist Groups may be affiliated with the following organizations:
Association_of_Community_Organizations_for_Reform_Now ACORN
Earth liberation Front
Animal Liberation Front
Former members of the Weathermen or friends of people who were
Earth First
The Black Panthers
Movement for Compassionate Living (MCL)
Vegan Outreach
Vegetarian Society
Veggies Catering Campaign
Farm Sanctuary
United Poultry Concerns (UPC)
Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group (ALFSG UK)
Bite Back
Earth Liberation Prisoner Support Network (ELPSN)
No Compromise
Vegan Prisoners Support
The Sierra Club
May be part of radical third party political organizations such as :
The Green Party
The Communist Party USA
The Socialist Party USA

They may feel strongly in favor of Social Entitlement programs, Gun Control, Transnationalism, Blanket Amnesty, Slave Reparations, Universal Health care, Universal Education, the Children's Bill of Rights, Animal Rights, Global Climate Change.

They will likely agree with the statement "People Do not Kill People, Guns Kill People"

Frequently are also involved in Kabbalah, Scientology, or Christian Science.

They may be carrying Bongo Drums.

They may read such publications as the Communist Manifesto, High Times, The New York Times, The LA times.

They should be able to pick Arianna Huffington, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Alec Baldwin, and Barack Obama out of a photo lineup; but will likely have no idea who Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Neil Boortz, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. (note, if they do recognize any of these photos, they may shriek and hiss similar to a vampire seeing sunlight)

They may refer to Sarah Palin as "that Woman".

Members live in urban areas, especially in the far East and West and somewhat more in the Northern areas of the country. Can frequently be found on college campuses, are more heavily weighted towards the age groups from 18-30 and 45-65. Are frequently employed by Non-profit, Not for Profit, Governmental agencies, or frequently unemployed. Employment is also heavily skewed to those in the media & entertainment industries and Academia.

Have a propensity for either A) driving dinky cars B) Driving big SUVs or Flying Private Jets and/or riding in Limousines but protest against others who do not drive dinky cars.

You might recognize them from their curious practice of unplugging their TV or other electronics when not in use vs. simply turning them off. Also you may notice a strange pallor on their skin; this may be caused by being exposed only to fluorescent light.

They tend to eat a lot of granola, drink nonfat soy milk double espresso lattes from recyclable cups that they bring with them, hug bunnies, wear Birkenstock's, have long hair, and have questionable hygiene.

If after evaluating this list you are still not sure, present to them a logical, reasonable and factual statement. If their response is yelling, name calling, and rage then you can be sure they are in fact Secular Progressive Morally Relativistic Far Left Wing Loon Eco Greenie Hippie Extremists.
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