April 27, 2009

Their Stupidity Knows NO Bounds

People, I have got to tell you, if Carbon Dioxide is a poisonous gas, and is a pollutant that must be controlled like Radon, or Chlorine, or something, then there is absolutely, without a doubt, NOTHING that they can not make us believe.

I remember my 4th grade science. We breathe Oxygen, Plants breathe Carbon Dioxide. We exhale Carbon Dioxide, Plants exhale oxygen. Golly, it is almost as if someone created that system. Carbon Dioxide is a poison at least as much as Oxygen is. And despite what the bunny huggers and granola crunchers would have us believe there are more trees planted every year in the US than are cut down.

I am amazed at their ignorance, and their arrogance. I bet most of them have not see the country as I have seen it. We have less population density than almost any other nation in the world. Especially if you consider the amount of people vs habitable/useful land. Meaning not a burning desert, or swamp, or sheer mountain cliff. I guess if you live in a big city you do not realize how vast our nation is and how wild it still is.

If they succeed in pulling this off, and I am fairly certain they will, then they will outlaw: Salt, Sugar, Caffeine, Meat, and Oxygen will have to be next. These D*mba$$e$ will not be happy until we are back to being foraging hunter gatherers.

What population number would make them happy? They say we are over populated and we consume too much, what is the Ultimate Goal? Where should we live? In one spot in a giant cube...eating hydroponically grown tofu? Wearing clothing made of woven reeds? Not using any hygiene products?

I have recently wondered as to what the Greenies perfect world would look like? They not only hate the USA; they evidently hate the species. I think they are in favor of extinction. Talk about self loathing! They hate themselves so much they think the earth would be better without any of us.

I heard a guy on the Radio calling children parasites. You know they will not blink an eye at telling people how many, if any, children they can have.

Google: Eugenics.

We already heard that Fat Folks like me are harming the earth because we consume more and therefore have a higher Carbon Footprint.

I think people who have high metabolisms and jog a lot produce more CO2 than I do, therefore they probably harm the environment more than us big fat fatties.

So Fatso's gotta go next. By 2011 they will be talking of a Fat Tax. Or a Meat tax. You will never hear of the Starbucks tax.

I have long wondered when they were going to lower speed limits back to 55 or below, because the slowere the car the less RPMs it turns and therefore produces less emissions.

THERE IS NO END TO IT. They have no limits. You and I might have limits to what we will do, but when you are fueled by hatred of your country and your species and the only higher power you think you are subject to is what makes you feel good, or what you Leader says is right, then you have NO LIMITS. When you know the nature of a thing, then you know what it is capable of. These people have no limits, they will do whatever they can possibly imagine with no conscience at all unless they are put back in their box.

The worst part of this is that they do all of this and they have no idea of the answer to these questions. Most of them will never stop to think what the end goal is, or what it will take to get there.

I saw a bumper sticker that said "Save the Earth, Do your Part. Kill yourself." I am not sure if that was meant sarcastically or truthfully. Sad.
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