April 04, 2009

Just a quick thought I had on Political Correctness, Taxes, and Healthcare

Just a couple of quick thoughts. There are only two groups that it is totally Ok to disparage without any remorse whatsoever in today's society. Then there are about two more than you can mock and make fun of just about as much as you want, and they are going in the next post

The first is The EVIL RICH. Liberals cannot define where this group begins. And that is the beauty of it. The rich are anyone who make more money than you do, and it doesn't matter how much money you make. I am rich to someone who makes $5 an hour. Someone who makes $200k dollars a year is Rich to me. Someone who makes a million a year is Rich to someone making $200k. So it is always the faceless evil rich. Who always must have cheated or stolen their money from someone. The important thing is The Evil Rich guy, is never YOU.

Second group is: Smokers. Oh those smokers. I don't smoke. But I have seen some pretty ridiculous things. I have seen someone fall into a absolute coughing fit when within 50 feet of a smoker out doors. I have seen people shout at smokers. I have seen ugly faces. I have seen parents drag their kids to the other side of the street. Believe it. We also have laws that say that smokers cannot smoke within 50 feet of a public doorway. Can we be far from having a "smoker's fountain" or a "smoker's entrance"? I have also noticed they never mention that chewing tobacco has went up the same amount as cigarettes. This is becuase it is hard to explain how second hand spit is bad for you and therefore, hard to show that chewing hurts anyone but the chewer. They also never mention that taxes on cigars and pipe smoke have not went up as much...if you find that confusing email me, and I will explain it.

Now there are three things I would like to point out.

1. The only reason that this is really an issue with the government is:

a) They are a group that it is OK to tax the absolute pants off of because smoking is bad for you (I find it interesting that Crack users are treated with more sympathy than smokers) and;

b) The government intends to be paying for everyone's healthcare soon, and they do not want to pay for smokers' healthcare because it costs more.

2. There has never been a concrete study that really says that secondhand smoke is life threatening. Sure living with a two pack a day smoker and breathing it all the time is probably not too great on your health, and I don't condone smoking while breastfeeding. But we breathe things all the time that are about as bad as the occasional tiny bit of second hand smoke. In fact I bet a lot of beauty products and household cleaners are worse for you lungs in similar quantities.

3. Most folks who smoke or chew regularly come from a specific socio-economic background nowadays. They do. They just do. This is all a way to tax the "poor" right along with Lotto, and Riverboat casinos. (That just came to me, if you are one of the evil rich you probably don't do lottery tickets, or slot machines)

So since we have bought into the notion that the Government has a right to tax the pants off of anything that science says is bad for us. What about Salt, Cheeseburgers, Coke Classic, and pecan cluster blizzards. That is just food, what about behaviors that are bad for us? Skydiving, Snow Skiing, Motorcycling, Mountain Climbing, Lord only knows what else they could dream up.

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