April 16, 2009

Just what we really need...Trains.

Drill Here and Now? Nah. Cut our Taxes - Nope. Deal with Pirates - Uh uh. Secure our Border - of course not! Stop Liberal Islamic Terrorists - NO Way! Accountability in Washington - Surely Not. Reign in Government waste - NEVER!

No what we really really need right now is... TRAINS?

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama called Thursday for the country to move swiftly to a system of high-speed rail travel, saying it will relieve congestion, help clean the air and save on energy.
Appearing with Vice President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Obama said the country cannot afford not to invest in a major upgrade to rail travel. He said he understands it necessarily will be "a long-term project" but said the time to start is now.
The president allocated $8 billion in the enormous $787 billion economic stimulus spending package for a start on establishing high-speed rail corridors nationwide.
Obama said, "This is not some fanciful, pie-in-the-sky vision of the future. It's happening now. The problem is, it's happening elsewhere." He cited superior high-speed rail travel in countries like China, Japan, France and Spain.
The rail upgrades are critically needed, Obama said, because the nation's highways and airways "are clogged with traffic."
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yeah. That is just what I think he needs to be working on.
This man is an idiot. I wonder how much of this country he has even seen. I wonder that a lot about some of our dear leaders. Has he even been to the southwest or the Great Plains? France is the size of Texas. Spain is about the size of Montana. Japan is smaller than California. They are all highly metropolitan. Sure trains are good for the densly populated areas of the country, but I've never been on a real train to go somewhere in my life. But I have been to about half of the states, and I fly on average about once a month. I put 37,000 miles on my truck in a little over a year. He has always lived in densley populated cities. That is his worldview. That is why he doesn't undertand a lot of us "bitter clingers".

People just do not understand the vastness of our nation. And to continually compare us to small European or other foreign nations is ignorant.
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