April 22, 2009

Following up on the last post - Being Prepared for the Possible Future

This is all simply my opinion, the way I see it, although I have talked to many who believe the same thing.
I have been leery of posting this because I do not want people to discount what I say as completely nuts. But enough has happened in the last 90 days to confirm the probability that I decided I want to share my thoughts.

What so many of the people are missing with the Tea Parties, and the Ammo and Gun sales escalation, etc. many people think that folks are preparing to fight the federal government. It may very well be true that is exactly what some people are doing. But the true threat is different and those that think they can fight the U.S. armed forces are not thinking straight. Let me see if I can lay the scenario out and everyone can comment and decide for themselves; that is the purpose of this blog after all.

With the level of Government spending that is occurring, and the amount of debt we are carrying all it would take is the tiniest push to topple the whole thing. Many sources say that even without this economic situation the Government has created that Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security would be bankrupt in just a few years.

I think I posted on the conversation that my mother and I had. She works for the State. She asked if I was in favor of ceasing the entitlements and I said "yes". She said that there would be riots. I said, "you are right, but there will be riots when we go broke as well." that was a depressing day. I believe that is coming.

When unemployment gets into the twenties, and the Government cannot sell any more debt to the ChiComs; and there is no more money...what happens when the checks quit getting delivered? Seriously...think. No more unemployment, no more SSI, no more Medicare, no more Medicaid. Look at what happened during the Rodney King riots, Katrina, any bad natural disaster. As my cousin says, those are isolated disasters, not Nationwide. No trucks are hauling anything because it is Katrina in every state in the Union.

And not just the entitlements, those may be the thing that topples the whole house of cards, but it will also mean that other programs and funds are gone. Welfare is a big industry, and all those folks will be out of jobs. Governmental agencies will also be out of money.

So the checks quit coming. Men women and children die. Maybe it is hot/maybe it is cold. Maybe there will be disease, no garbage is getting collected. No medical care. Riots and looting in the streets. It is not a widely known fact, but grocery stores typically carry a three day inventory. The warehouses that supply the grocery store might carry a week's inventory. Assuming the trucks will be running.

During the ice storm that blasted the heartland this year (despite impending doom from Global Warming), and during most disasters, banks limit withdrawals to $500 dollars. This is common sense, to prevent a run on the bank, but it does limit your resources if you do not have money stashed. And that is assuming there is anything to buy.

Once the three days pass, then what happens? No gas, no food, no cigarettes, no beer. The cities will literally be burning. Then what? They begin to leave. Where do they go? Just like rats leaving a sinking ship. They go anywhere. Out in the country; rural people typically are more prepared. Talk to the older generations, those in the country did not feel the Great Depression as bad as those in the Cities. How far will they get? If you talk to local EMS people, the plan is always to block the exits and keep them moving. If there is no money and no gas available they will go one tank of gas distance at most. So figure 300 miles. Then what? Hungry, scared, desperate, ill prepared for their condition. Mob Rule. Empty cars on the highways.

No one is going to go to work. They are either on the road or in their homes protecting their families. Electric crews cannot get to work repairing damaged caused by fires and floods and rioting masses. Assuming they would go to work at all.

Think about the absolute average person born and raised in polite urban society , they think Mcnuggets come straight from the box; no chickens are harmed in the making of McNuggets. Ground beef magically appears in the Grocery Store and comes in little square packages.

If you gave the bulk of urban dwellers a rabbit, a knife, some wood and a book of matches they would likely starve to death. Even most people who are so called "Rural Dwellers" are helpless nowdays.

Where is the Government? First of all there is the problem of mobilization. Nat'l Guard troops or regular Army will have to be mobilized. Where will they head? To the population centers and key economic centers. It will take at least three days. And the priorities will be NY, DC, LA, and maybe a few other areas of strategic importance. Remember Katrina? How long did it take to get any assistance there? So we are at the end of week one. What about those in the outlying areas? We will be literally completely and totally ON OUR OWN. Where will the local authorities be? Protecting and caring for their OWN families.

Since this is clearly a state of emergency, the President will announce the Internet needs to be shut down (obstensibly to keep cyber terrorists from capitalizing on our sorry state), banks closed, it is likely that they would also shut down cell towers; or that or the sheer call volume will crash the system (I live in Missouri and there were no cell calls on 9/11). It is likely that Cable news would be suspended, and the other networks co-opted. There would be no Fire Department service, no Medical services, no local PD. They would be overwhelmed, out of supplies, and scared for their families.

At some point the Government will open closed military bases and any other large compounds as relief shelters and people will flock to them; they will WANT to go. Now I am not even close to suggesting that these will be "concentration camps" in the sense of Nazi Germany, but they will be refugee centers where the Government will take complete control of those who are inside. Those of us who are prepared and refuse to leave our property to the lawless looting that will be widespread will likely be lumped in with the Pillaging and Plundering mobs that will be rampant.
The "bitter clingers" will be just as guilty, after all we are the bloggers, we are the ones hoarding ammo, we are the ones on CBs and HAM radios. Right wing extremists. The looters are just hungry desperate people, we will be the ones who refuse to take care of our "brothers in need" and at any rate we will be all alone unless we abandon our belongings and become cared for by the government. I think this is about one month in.

While we are at our weakest and most desperate point, is this when our enemies will attack? Is this the final crisis that will allow us to voluntarily give up our sovereignty? Will we just devolve into a completely failed state? There is an actual name for the scenario that I lay out. It is called the "Bubba Effect"; clans of people will band together to pool and protect their resources. But we will not be fighting the Feds, we will be protecting ourselves from the rabble, the roving gangs of thugs. If anyone thinks they are preparing to fight the Feds, they are deluded. We cannot fight the Government. And if the government wants our guns they will tax them out of existence. No, the preparation is for the "Mad Max" effect. We will be on our own.
That is as far as I have taken it, I have it well formed in my mind, I do not know what happens in month two. What are your thoughts?
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