April 30, 2009

My Kooky idea for the Auto Companies

I have heard it said that GM is a healthcare and pension provider that makes cars as a by-product. In the Eighties I believe GM and Chrysler made a severely inferior product. I do not believe that is the case anymore, but how can these companies EVER hope to compete while the UAW has them by the throat and the Government has them by the...ummm some lower part of the anatomy?

Now Chrysler is going to be majority owned by the Union. Well, if they have to make a profit that might change the way the Union does business, but I seriously doubt it.

My idea from the beginning of this mess has been this:

GM (and Chrysler) says to the Union: "we design cars, we have the production facilities, we have the dealer network, the purchasing agreements...in short everything we need...and we are good at doing these things. What we are no longer interested in being is a provider of labor, so here is what we are going to do... we are either going to move all production to Mexico or what we would prefer to do is sign a worker supply agreement with the UAW for all Labor and Labor Management services. If necessary for legal reason we will also sell the UAW our assembly plants. We would like to subcontract the labor and assembly services. We will give the UAW X amount of dollars to provide labor and assemble cars, and how you pay YOUR employees and what benefits you give them are completely up to you. We will not hear grievances, we will not hire or fire, we will not administer payroll, we will not provide pensions, we are not a healthcare company, we are a Car Company. We will sign a contract for Labor to produce X amount of cars and trucks. If we do not meet basic production quotas then we will deduct Y amount of money from you, and what you do with YOUR employees is completely up to you. If we achieve better than anticipated levels of productivity then YOU will receive a bonus, and how you divide that up or if you do with YOUR employees is up to you. Simply put, we do not want production labor to work for us anymore. We will design the car, purchase the materials, transprot the vehicles and sell the vehicles, but all production labor and assembly services are now subcontracted to the UAW for one lump sum, which the UAW can divide how it sees fit. You take care of all benefits, payroll, hiring, firing, training, and discipline."

There is your choice UAW. Mexico is prepared to build our factory for free.

If the employees do not like this arrangement, then may we suggest they choose to no longer have the UAW represent them, and we might reconsider.

For the record.... I HATE, LOATHE, and DESPISE any and ALL unions. Not Union Workers, Unions... they are bloodsucking vampires on the neck of the working men and women of this nation. There was a time and place for them and it was at least 40 years ago. The sooner everyworking person in this country realizes that a Union's first job is not to protect them but to generate union dues then the better off they would all be. Unions only serve to create an adversarial relationship, they come between an employer and its' employees. The only two ways I know of to alleviate this problem is for the employees to vote them out, or for the Company to make the Union responsible for something other than collecting dues and stirring up dissent.

When we were told that Bankruptcy was not an option, I knew that in the end that would be where they were all headed. There is no avoiding it. The UAW has never proven it can run anything anywhere except into the ground. What Chrysler should have been allowed to do was negotiate with the employees to make them stakeholders with the understanding the UAW was to be ousted. Although that is currently illegal to do, I think there was no legal precedent for the President to fire a CEO of a company either, and that never stopped the administration.
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