April 04, 2009

You need a plan when you talk to a Liberal.

My uncle recently talked to me about some conversations he had with a Liberal Co worker. He was somewhat at a loss with trying to awaken this person’s ability to use logic and reason to THINK about an issue instead of just reciting talking points he had heard on TV and getting all emotional. My Uncle did finally get through to the guy, but the whole thing made me think. You have to have a plan for when these situations present themselves. If you are not careful you will also get angry and you will confuse them with facts. That makes their head hurt and just makes them angrier.
I have thought about it for a while off and on and I think I have a good way to start these conversations, or respond when they start these conversations. It could go something like this:
“I think everyone should have ‘free’ healthcare.”
“Well, you know, like, because there are a lot of people who cannot afford medical insurance.”

-Now at this point your first reaction might be to launch into a bunch of facts, you know pointing out that the truly poor are already covered, children of the poor are covered, the elderly are covered, it is against the law to refuse someone medical treatment, any injury on the job is covered under the law, etc. This will simply not work. So here is what you say,
“I agree, it is a shame, I have always thought that when someone sees an injustice like that they should take direct action to help the problem.”
“Yeah! like you are so right, right?”
“Do you know anyone who needs health insurance and does not have it?”
“No, man, everyone I know is ok”
“Well if we could find someone we should each give them money”


“Yeah Bro, I know some folks that just cannot get health insurance I mean after their bills, and tanning appointments, and mani/pedi's, going to the bar on Saturday, and have you seen the price of cigarettes lately...geez.”

“Oh you do, well what would you say if I gave them the money to get some insurance?”

- At this point they might start getting weirded out, but keep going

“I know man, that would be the right thing to do”

“Oh I am so glad you agree, we should do that. Say, each of could contribute about 15% of our check so they could get insurance. Let’s find a couple of people and then you give someone 15% of your salary, and I will give someone 15% of mine.”

-This is where I foresee them starting to awaken the thinking part of the brain

“Man I don’t know about that much money.” Or, “Dude, I don’t know about that.”
“But that is about what it would take isn’t it?, and the taxpayer is going to have to pay, so let’s find someone and give them some money to go get insurance, let’s take action right now, why wait?”

“But Bro, I don’t think that I could do that, Bro.”

“What is your problem? You said you thought we should. Is your problem me spending my money, or you spending yours?”

-Now they are trapped. The jig is up. They can’t very well be true believers and not want to spend their money.

“Well I just don’t make enough cash, dude, it should be like the rich people.”

“So you don’t think either one of us need to pay for it?”

“No man, the rich let them rich folks take care of the poor”

“So you think the Government should just take their money and use that for the poor”

-He is really starting to like it now, he found the perfect solution

“Yeah man, they don’t need it anyway, filthy stinking rich people you know they stepped on the little guy to make that money anyway”

“Well let’s just go find some rich guy and take his money and give it to the poor.”

“Yeah ma...whaaaaa? No man, we can’t do that, Bro, that would be against the law.”

“Yeah I guess it would…but I guess it would be Ok if the Government did it.”

“Well yeah, dude, it is ok for the Government.”

“Why do you suppose that is? It is illegal for us to do that, but it is ok for the Government. Have you ever thought about that?”

- Now he will be confused big time…he will stutter, his mouth will probably hang open and then one of two things will happen.

“You’re just stupid man, why you always got to be like that, that is stupid, you know, it just is….I can’t even talk to you.”

OR, they might…THINK!

“Hey man, you’re right, man…that is weird…never thought about that…that doesn’t seem right”

Be very careful now, they are fragile. The bright lights will scare them, and it is colder with their head out here in the open, but at least it smells better, they are used to their heads being in a dark, 98.6 degree, odorous place. Handle them with care, and they might someday be able to make a logical informed decision.
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