April 18, 2009

Two Random Thoughts

It occurs to me that when one is on the far left lunatic fringe edge of society, the mainstream middle must look like the far right nutjob fringe...

Which explains how Olbermann, Garafalo, the info-babe from CNN , and all the other Far Left Loons could think that when over an estimated 200,000 people on a Wednesday all across the nation from every walk of life turn out to peacefully protest a Government on CRACK that it is some misguided effort of a small minority of right wing kooks.

Also there was not a single report of any arrests or violence which you KNOW would have been highly highly reported by the MSM if there had been.

We would know their names, the kids names', their Kindergarden teacher's names. What they drive, where they work, their medical history, what their friends said about them, and what they had for breakfast if even one of us would have so much as jaywalked.

No one chained themselves to a bulldozer; no one climbed a tree; no animals were freed; no paint was thrown; no rocks were hurled; no molotov cocktails were made; no raping; murdering; pillaging; plundering. No businesses were closed due to the protest; no cars were overturned. Nothing was set on fire; no buildings were desecrated; no one mobbed that idiot from CNN for being an idiot. The police were not called (ha-ours was at the police station!); no riot gear was needed, no fire hoses were used; no tear gas was necessary.

We really have a lot to learn about protesting...doesn't really sound much like any protest I have ever seen on TV.
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