April 08, 2009

Filthy Arrogant Americans...

Somewhere in Kenya, there's a village that's lost it's idiot
and then I copied it from I'm Throwing Stones

America is Arrogant?... Time for European leaders to come to American soil and thank US for defending their continent since 1945.
The arrogance of Europe is palpable. Without the US by their side they would have been speaking Russian for the past 64 years. In France alone, their are eleven cemeteries containing the remains of 30,921 Soldiers/Marines from World War I and 62,829 American Soldiers from World War II. How Arrogant is that?

1.APOLOGIZING to Europeans for America;
2. Bowing/groveling to the unelected Saudi monarch (whose country provided most of the 9/11 TERRORISTS);
3. Behaving awkwardly in presence of British royalty;
4. Giving the most stupid and self serving gifts to royalty;
5. Michelle ignoring the protocol of royalty;
6. Bowing to a Muslim King...
Yes, Somewhere in Kenya, there's a village that's lost it's idiot!
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