April 27, 2009

The Truly Tolerant

As most of you know, I am s Christian. Being a Christian influences every aspect of my life. I have an artistic mind and the 2 places I can still apply since my fall it are in landscape design and music. When I do a landscaping job, I want people to see God in my work. When I make music which I make mostly to listen to myself, I want to hear Gods influences on my music. I know many of you aren't a religious people but you do understand what religion means those who are. When I do landscaping, I want people to see God's influence in my landscaping work just like my blogging and my music. I am not trying to "convert" you to to religion, but instead just trying to show you that when you see me putting effort into my work, it is because of the teachings of Christ that I do such things. It is also the teachings of Christ that motivate me to protect the freedoms that we enjoy in this country. I would not be treating my fellow American the way I wanted to br treated if I didn't stand up for their rights to be free. Even my love for "Kee" (the cat) comes from my love of Gods creations. Whether you believe in God or not, you got to admit, there is amazing wildlife here on Earth and I take my responsibility to taking care of a wild animal very seriously. I believe God put the Animals here for us and he will judge us harshly if we mistreat them. I totally respect your religious beliefs as you respect the beliefs of the founding fathers' beliefs. There are many who see things differently from you and have no respect for those with other religious views. Most people in the media say that that person is me. While the communist lesbian who has no interest in marriage other than forcing churches who believe it is wrong to conduct gay marriage ceremonies or forcing Christian or Jewish doctors to perform abortions against their religious beliefs. Obama is pushing that right now. As hope you can tell, I am not "bible thumping," just standing up for tyhr freedoms of Christians as I would stand up for the rights of any of you. If any of you want to talk religion, I'll be happy to do so by e-mail or on other blogs but not on Kook's blog. Sticking to politics on Kooks blog is a promise that I made to Kook that I intend to keep.

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