April 06, 2009

U.N. Security Council fails to agree on North Korea reaction

From and Artcile in the LA Times, and reported elsewhere:

"A U.S.-led effort to issue a joint condemnation [by the UN] of the [N. Korean] rocket launch founders amid reports of Russian and Chinese reluctance to antagonize the volatile regime and endanger talks. "

No Kidding, you mean to tell me that Russian and Chinese self interests are not the same as The United States' foreign interests?

This is incredulous, and preposterous, The Mighty One B. Hussein Obama said, nee Proclaimed that we would all get along. We are supposed to be following the Rodney King Foreign Policy Doctrine

Folks this is what happens when the UN is involved, Those jackasses cannot even agree to send a strongly worded telegram to N. Korea.

These are the people that the Transnationalists whom Obama apparently admires want to give control of the entire world.

The UN. What a Joke.

Read the Whole Sordid Mess Here
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