April 12, 2009

Part I Make No Mistake – True Liberals Hate the USA.

Why? That is always the Question. Why would anyone who lives here hate this country and want to see its’ downfall?

I have a lot going on in my head today.

This country elected a president who does not love this country. His wife thinks the United States has been mean. He said that we have been arrogant and even derisive of the rest of the world. They do not believe in the greatness of this country. Their friends and mentors run the gamut from Old style Soviets to Domestic Terrorists, run of the mill socialists, and people who think Charles Manson is groovy.

They come from the bizarro world of the Left. Taught in schools that used revisionist history books. By teachers who were influenced by Marxists, or people from the Frankfurt School, Moral Relativists, Proponents of something called Critical Theory.

If you agree with opinions expressed in this blog then you did not learn the same history as what Barry O and Lady M learned. Or Bill and Hill. I bet the Re-Po tag team of Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi learned the same thing. Probably Likewise Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel, Rahm Emanual and all the other Loonies. We cannot forget Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, Danny Glover, Musicians Pearl Jam, U2, Rage against the Machine and others.

These people were taught an intellectually dishonest version of History, and they continued in their intellectual dishonesty because it suited their political aims and their search for meaning in their otherwise lonely lives. They were taught to love Socialism. People who do not live in the real world believe that man can create a Utopian society if the Government is only given enough power. If you love Statism, then you hate Capitalism, and the largest Capitalist society in the world is the USA.

Hatred of the USA is a fusion of the Love of Power, a search for meaning, a belief in an Intellectually Dishonest version of American history, and a willing suspension of Logic and Reason.

Check out Part II and Part III for the differences between their version of US History and Mine.

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