April 06, 2009

Left and Right Revised

There has been way too much hype circulating about "Left" wing and "Right" wing lately. I am confused by the "left/right"concept. I hear that left is bigger government and right is smaller government. Lenin was a leftist and he ran a big government. Hitler was supposedly right wing and he was a big government guy too. George W Bush was "right" wing and he increased the size of the federal government .001% of Obama's porkulist honeymoon period. (Bush actually increased the size of government more than all the rest of the Presidents put together.) FDR was a leftist, but he didn't increase government as much as George W. Bush. JFK was the great idol of the left and he actually shrank the size of government which is why he was "voted out early" by the teamsters. Are you confused yet? See, I have a different way of looking at the whole left/right system. My formula starts at the center which is total freedom or anarchy. Moving leftward increases the size of the federal government with Stalin or Obama at the extreme which is communism. Moving rightwards of center increases the power of government through corporate, government manipulation. That would make Bush 41 and 43 both center right with Hitler being at the far right extreme which is fascism. The point is that both left and right give you totalitarian regimes it is a matter of picking your poison. Again, I believe the idealogical center is freedom and from my perspective, most folks on this blog are centerists. Our goal is to keep Government as small as possible which keeps it toward the center from my point of view. The Idea for this post came from an episode of the Glenn Beck show last week where he tried to define left and right. While I didn't disagree with him, I think my view of left and right is more accurate and prevents a great supporter of freedom like Ronald Reagan being lumped into an idealogy with Adolph Hitler. After all the media says both were "right wingers." When I mention "center" please do not confuse that with "Moderates". Moderate voters are usually the ones that decide who to vote for as they pull the lever. Moderate politicians can be bought by whoever can usually whoever has the biggest bank account. Let me make clear that being a moderate was not implied by this statement toward the bloggers here. In reading all of your comments, moderate would be the last comment I'd ever use!
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