April 29, 2009

I just want to clarify some things...in case you are listening

Recent developments have made it worthwhile for me to clarify my positions on a few things:

I catergorically do not promote any sort of violence against any official or governmental agency or representative thereof.
-I do believe that it may become necessary some day to protect ourselves and our property in the seemingly inevitable event that governmental services break down causing rampant looting and crime in the absence of law and order

I wish no harm against the president or his family.
- I do not think he and I share the same outlook or view of our countries history or share the same vision for our future.

I am against abortion at all times
I do not promote any violence against those who choose to murder their children

I am completely and 100% in favor of strict literal views of the constitution.
- I am completely and utterly against any attempt at violent overthrow of the government.
- I believe that we have the means to a peaceful revoltuion at the ballot box

I am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment, and I believe that it was put into place for the exact literal reason as stated in the constitution.
- I am NOT in favor of citizens owning RPGs or heavy machine guns

I am not a member of the Aryan Nation, the KKK, a militia, the masons, the rotary, the kiwanis, the eagles, the moose club, the lions club, the shriners, the illuminati, heck I am not even a boy scout.

I am against 50+% taxes, universal: education, healthcare, or housing.
I do not believe in anthropogenic climate change.
I am for securing our border and stopping illegal immigration.

Now many of you may be puzzled as to why I am affirming that I am not in any way advocating violence or threats of violence. The simple reason is because at approximately 6:00 pm CST I received a call that my cousin's apartment complex was the target of a raid by the county authorities, the ATF, the FBI, and possibly the Secret Service. I am not joking. Some dipshit had made threats against several local officials, and the POTUS, from an unsecured wireless network belong to a resident of the apartment complex. They were confiscating peoples' computers and other property. No warrants were in evidence. The first thought I had...well okay, the first thought I had was "you've got to be joking", second thought I had was "holy crap, they read my blog."

Now remember folks, I live in Southwest Missouri, and my family lives in Southeast Missouri, and for those of you who do not know it Southeast Missouri is very very rural.

So I just wanted to clarify. you know...in case...
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