April 07, 2009

Obama gets an "F" on MSNBC web poll? -no way!

I am shocked. As of right now on MSNBC's website poll, voters have chosent to give Obama an "F" for his performance so far. And I believe we are at day 77 according to my counter.

If this was a Fox news, 912project, rightyblogs, or other poll, I would say.. "well no duh!"

But on MSNBC this is amazing. Next thing you know the NY Times with say something less than cordial. Keith Olbermann will send back his half of the BFF necklace they had together. Vaseline sales will plummet.

It could lead to pandelerium

Conservatives...Rejoice! It is a hopeful sign

Click Here to see the website

Live Vote
If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get?

1,813,014 responses

He gets an A 31%
He gets a B 6.4%
He gets a C 5.3%
He gets a D 14%
He gets an F 43%

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