April 04, 2009

More Bad news for the Second Amendment

The horrible and tragic killing of 13 people in NY yesterday by a deranged man who had been fired from IBM

Today we have 3 police officers killed in Pittsburg as a result of a domestic dispute.

These are horrible events. It truly saddens me, as it does everyone in America. But it is only one side of the issue. When is the news going to begin reporting the horrible crimes that are averted due to armed citizens? Statistics are out there.

If the other side of the story does not come out, if the news media does not start reporting on the heroes who stop the death of innocents are not reported on, then it is going to create such a populist sentiment against gun ownership that the vote will be swift and easily made to disarm our citizens.

Even on FOX news, the reporting is not favorable to the second amendment.

It is coming.
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