April 04, 2009

The other two groups it is ok to "hate on".

After those other two groups of people it is ok to hate without limits, the Rich and the Smokers, the only other groups that are ok to bash on a bit are Christians, and White Men.

Christianity is scary to a Liberal becuase Chritianity has these things called Morals and Principles and Values...whatever those things are. And they get in the way of what a Liberal wants to DO. Once you know that the rest is easy to figure out.

White Men are just sort of the last guy standing there after the teams have been picked. Boy I feel sorry for White Christian Men who Smoke under the age of 65. Those poor buggers, they have to feel about as loved as cockroaches. I have noticed for years if there is going to be a dumb person on TV it is a white person, and most of the time it is a white GUY. In fact the Dad most of the time on TV is the dumbest guy. You just sit there and think of all the sit-coms and reality shows. The Dad is always the dumbest, and if there is a particularly dumb guy it will be a dumb white guy. I have also noticed that good lawyers are women, or black men, and white guys are always the slimy defense lawyers or inept. White guys can be good cops, but they usually have bad home lives or are otherwise flawed. Many times they are violent or morally corrupt. Most of the good judges are black women, or asian people. I also find it curious that black people make up about 15-20% of our population but make up abotu 50% of our television characters. Hispanics are between 30 and 45% of the population and make up far less than that on TV. Asians are about 10% of the population, and just about the only time they are TV characters is when they need a smart guy, or someone needs their ass kicked karate style. Interstingly most of the time the military is shown as being very white, when in reality is is very light and dark brown. Hey, I am just saying... you watch tv with a critical eye and you tell me. What we see on TV is not even close to an accurate representation of what we see in real life. Well "Duh!," you say. "it is for entertainment". There is truth in that, but it is also how an extremely small segment of the population of NY and LA see the world, and that is what they present to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
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