April 24, 2009

Blog Updates

Just thought I would do a short post on some new things here on the blog.

WISER WORDS NEVER SPOKEN - this is a pretty long list of my favorite quotes shown at random and updated every 15 mintues or so from QuotesDaddy.com. Many from the founders and other great philosophers are in there. If anyone wants access to the feed email and let me know. I will share.

KOOK FILE- I went back through my old emails and posted several from Before the Blog (B.B.). I labeled all of these as KOOK FILE. So if you want something else to read they are all labeled under that with the date 3/1/2009. These are not necessarily all my opinion. Some are funny emails and what not, and I will probably add to them as I go along.

INTENSE DEBATE - Installed Intense debate for commenting. This system is better than the regular blog comment system and it allows us to vote comments up or down. So if we do actually get some debate going on here it may be useful. Another great feature is the recent comment list on the left column near the bottom. It is a quick way to see what posts have had activity lately.

LIVE TRAFFIC - Bottom of Right Column; I thought this was kind of nifty, it lets us see when people viewed teh site and for how long and from where. Just kind of cool info for me.

RANDOM POSTS - This has been on here a while, but down at the bottom of the screen there is a box which cycles through old posts, so if something catches your eye you can follow it

FOX NEWS - The ticker is down there rolling through the latest political headlines from FOX

BOOKMARKS from DELICIOUS - These are my favorites from around the web.
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