April 08, 2009

KOOK on Racism

I have not covered Racism yet, and that is because it is almost a non-issue. I know there are people who have made their whole career and lives off of race baiting, they are just perpetuating a dying issue, and they need to be marginalized. Affirmative action had a place for about 10 years in certain areas. The time for preferential treatment of any race with the possible exception of Native Americans, is OVER.

You know...it is not really about Race with most folks. It is about lifestyle, or culture. The color of someone's skin means little to most Americans, but how they conduct themselves and the values (or lack thereof) they hold dear are what puts us at odds. I have issues with the Gangsta Culture (if you can call it culture)I have issues with Militant Islamic Extremism. I have issues with Neo-Nazi culture. I have issues with the culture of La Raza. I have issues with the Liberal Agenda. I have issues with the Apathetic and the Lazy. I have issues with people who would rather tear this country down than do their small part to build it up.

I do not hate Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Asians, Indians, Natives, Arabs, Europeans, or people from the Left Coast. I have a problem with the breakdown of civilized responsible culture. I have a problem with the entitlement mentality. I have a problem with failure to accept responsibility for one's own actions and decisions in life. I have a problem with the assault on Liberty. I have a problem with people who are educated beyond their intelligence. I have a problem with the lowering of standards for any reason.

All of these issues are irrespective of Race.
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