April 17, 2009

Neutering the language

I've wanted to post this one for a while but have been away: One huge way that the Obama regime has pulled the wool over the eyes of the masses is by “Neutering” our language. The true definition of neutering language is watering down lies so that they sound reasonable to the less educated masses. Those of us who understand the meanings of neutered language need to counter such language whenever and wherever it is heard. Here are some examples of neutered language.
"Community Organizer": Communist Agtitant.
"Cap and Trade": Energy Tax
"Green Energy": living in the stone age with no electricity or running water
"Man Made Disaster": Terrorist act
"Immigration Reform": Open Borders.
"Government/Corporate cooperation": Fascist or Communist takeover of our capitalist system
"Tax Cut": less of a massive tax increase than those richer than you
"Card Check": forced unionization of businesses to empower union thugs
"Economic Stimulus": wasteful government spending in an attempt to destroy our capitalist system through forced monitery inflation
"Climate Change": Man made destructive changes in climate made official by AlGore (PHD, Bovine Scatology)
"God": mythological being worshipped by extreme right wing kooks. God is in same mythological class as gnomes and unicorns.
These are just some of the Obaminations that are creeping into our language out of the white house. Those of us with common sense left must stand up and put a stop to this misuse of our language. Obama’s teleprompter will call a rattlesnake a caterpillar just so someone can get bit. If we don’t start fighting back on this front soon it will be to far gone.

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