April 24, 2009

Republicans find their ..... voices begin calling for resignations

Well now that Janet Napolitano has stepped in it twice and horror among horrors has offended the Canadians (I mean slamming tax paying lawful citizens is one thing, but leave Canada alone)
and *ahem* apologized for that report calling us all Right Wing Extremists. Many Republicans have found their voices (or something else a little lower in the anatomy) and begun calling for her (I think it is a her) resignation. Hey, Guys, whilst you are at it I have a few more names:

Nancy Pelosi (1/2 of the communist tag team RE-PO)
Harry Reid (the other half of the communist tag team of RE-PO)
Chuck Schumer (Chuck U)
Barney Frank (Sslufferin SSsuccotash)
Chris Dodd (dudd)
Max Baucus
Bobby Rush (black power, captain anti gun himself)
Rahm Emanual (Rahmbo)
Hillary (1/2 of the famous tag team of american destruction the Hill-Bill-ies)
Henry Waxman (the NOSTRIL)
Diane Feinstein (Pelosi Classic)

and while you are at it see if you can NOT confirm Kathleen (the Abortinator) Sebelius.
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