April 11, 2009

What to Do With the Pirates - Simple Solutions

Why do these things seem so complicated to so many people? I guess I am just KOOKY.
These guys are sitting in a stalled out boat offshore with US Navy ships right there. We should let them know they have two choices.

Choice #1. They let the hostage go, we give them gas and food and send them on their merry way with the warning that the next time we go to war with them too. Tell them we do not care what they do to others' ships but if they mess with NATO they mess with us.

Choice #2. They do not let our hostage go, they kill him, in which case we chum the water with pigs' blood attracting as many sharks as possible and we shoot holes in the boat with small arms fire until it begins taking on water and then we leave. No glorious death in battle to praise Allah, and they get to be eaten by sharks while swimming in pigs' blood.

Or we could use unadvertised choice number 3

Choice 3. We give them the money, let them release our hostage and then blow them to Kindom Come. I like choice three. If we do that enough they will start to think we are tough AND crazy for blowing up so much money. I say it would be money well spent, and no where near as much as what Obama wipes his arse with daily.

We tell them we will wait until they make their choice. We hold all the cards here.

No I am not compassionate or politically correct. In their case, No I am not sympathetic or respective of their religion. Furthermore, I do not care; because so far they have not been any of those things towards our citizens.

Our Glorious Leader is going to do what all Liberals do when it comes to foreign threats. Absolutelyfreakingnothing. That will show those pesky meanies that we are above their petty violence. Or maybe it will embolden them to do more and more glorious deeds to get rich and praise Allah.

Our country thinks in terms of decades or less most times. These places think in terms of centuries or at least lifetimes. They know every four years we get a new president. They know that as long as he is a Liberal that they will do nothing. Everything has been a test thus far, and he has failed on everything so far.

This just really ticks me off. They are thugs in a rowboat. The decision is theirs, but we hold all the cards. And What THE HELL is the FBI doing there. This is off the coast of Africa. I suppose Obama wants the pirates read their miranda rights. He would probably turn them loose over here if he could.
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