April 08, 2009

Changes to the Blog

I guess it is rather obvious that I have changed the blog around. I figured out how to add a third column (with a lot of help from posts from The Blog Doctor) There was just too much stuff I wanted to add to the blog.

I am getting really riled up over the amount of news coverage given to the Psychos who use tools the wrong way. I am talking about guns. It is tragic, it is awful, it is sad, and it should not happen, but the problem is the person, not the gun. And even Glenn Beck fell into the trap of over reporting and over covering something tragic but very one sided. I want someone somewhere to report the lives guns have saved. So I found this blog and it has it's own special place right up there in the left corner. Just under the Google and Wikipedia Searches. Clayton Cramer does a fantastic job with this. I only wish I could make all his posts into a ticker.

Speaking of Ticker, there is the Fox Political news feed ticker right there on the top of the page.
You can also now subsribe to a daily email of all new posts by signing up, this is in the right column a little ways down.

I am trying hard to make this blog entertaining, informative, and useful, so if anyone has any suggestions (be nice) let me know.
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