April 15, 2009

Joplin MO Tea Party

I am a Proud Right Wing Bitter Clinger today. I did something that I have never done before. I went on my lunch break (if only I was an unemployed liberal I could have spent longer) to a real life protest rally. Yes I am an activist extremist now. Inital reports were that there were 250 people there at the Joplin Police Station (never been there before). When I arrived I guessed over 500 people were there, however I had to leave after being there only 15 minutes so that I could make it back to my evil capitalist job. Radio reports I heard after returning to my imperialist money grubbing place of employment suggest it there may have been 1000 people who came and went. This is pretty impressive of a town the size of joplin for a Mid-day , mid-week event downtown. It is not as though the police station is the heart of the town after all.

Anyway. Just thought I would report on my extremist activities.
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