July 08, 2010

10 Worst Presidents of all Time

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Recently some liberal think tank put out their list of best and worst presidents of all time.  Well here is my list of worst.  Will follow it up with my list of 10 best presidents soon.
10.  (tie) Both Bushes.  Bush Sr. waged a quick decisive war with world wide support, then screwed his chances of re-election by raising taxes; breaking a loud bush_sr_jrand clear campaign promise, resulting in Bill Clinton (which also unleashed Algore on the world).  All he had to do was keep doing what Reagan began and he would have been enormously successful. 
W – Turned enormous popular support following successful handling of 9/11 into dismal PR numbers following Katrina and did little to fight media regarding wars.  Reagan would have spoken to the American People, W either wanted to appear above the hype, or was clueless.  Let situation in Camp X Ray and Abu Ghraib get totally out of hand.  Never publicly displayed Bin Laden’s dead carcass. Said we would have to abandon free market to save it….paved the way for Obama’s election.
bill_clinton_yeahihitit 9.  Bill Clinton: The Blue Dress, defined the word “is”, philanderer.  Lied to american people under Oath. Only second president in history to be impeached.   Hillary Care, Started numerous military conflicts for dubious causes, favorite thing to do when another scandal at home was brewing was to lob some cruise missiles at some 3rd world dictator.  Had a chance to have Bin Laden practically gift wrapped, did nothing.  Did nothing following a blatant act of war (bombing a US warship, the USS Cole), WTC bombing.  the list goes on. Algore…nuff said.
nixon 8. Richard Nixon – Tricky Dick.  WaterGate.  Lied to the entire country.  Resigned under cloud of impeachment.

lbj-phone 7. Lyndon Johnson  – His administration led to the term “welfare queen”, Great Society, War on Poverty = epic fail.  Mired in Vietnam because of micro management.

carter 6. Jimmy Carter - His presidency coined the term Stagflation, gas lines, created : the Department of Energy and the Department of Education, returned the Panama Canal Zone to Panama. The takeover of the American embassy in Iran and holding of hostages by Iranian students, the debacle at Desert 1 rescue attempt of the hostages, fuel shortages, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. “Malaise”  A real Winner. 

teddy-roosevelt 5. Theodore Roosevelt  First openly progressive president.  Believed in supreme executive power.  Used the Bully Pulpit.    “Square Deal”.  Big Union Supporter.  Believed in US expansionism (imperialism)

FDR 4. FDR  Saw himself as some sort of perpetual president, running 4 times, leading to a constitutional amendment. Thought Eugenics was not such a bad idea.  Prolonged the depression by several years with the “New Deal” Was a Racist.  Social Security, Medicare, welfare as we know it.

martin_van_buren 3. Martin Van Buren -  For all intents the real  “father” of the modern Democratic party.  Created the party with the express purpose of staying in power, not to have any core beliefs.  Did so to silence debate on slavery.  Felt that if we just didn't talk about it, it would be ok.  Perfected the art of the “spoils system” of pay- for-play in government appointments.

Woodrow Wilson 2. Woodrow Wilson was awarded the Prize in 1919 for founding the League of Nations (Epic Fail)  Giant Racist – segregated the military.  Eugenicist.  Believed you could perfect a society.  The father of all progressive ideaology.  Evil.

and the current titleholder of Worst President of the United States in history is:
Obama 1. Barack Obama, (narrowly unseating Woodrow Wilson) 2009 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, was nominated for the award after being in office for 11 whole days.  Other negative accomplishments too numerous to list and we are only halfway through his term. Will bow to anyone claiming to be royalty.  Snubs our most loyal allies GB and Israel.  Many are of the opinion he is first president to ever actually not want the country to prosper.
Did I miss anyone?  Anyone Disagree?
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