July 16, 2010

Awesome Analysis of the Obamanation

Awesome Analysis of the Obamanation by the Left Coast Rebel
I was just over at ProofPositive and caught a post by Andrew Roman (guesting for the Proof) that absolutely hit the ball out of the park.
Well written, concise and absolutely correct. Andrew writes:

Barack Hussein Obama is a dulcet-toned sponge swollen with leftist rhetoric, knee-jerk anti-capitalist blather, and university-cultivated hyperbole. He is a man who hasn’t a clue about much of anything beyond the campus brain-clutter that keeps his political base (somewhat) satisfied and his teleprompter in business.

He is a polished appetizer-platter of meaningless Vietnam-era clichés. He is a messiah in a world contrived in his mind that neither asked for him nor needs him.

His responses to critical questions reveal a man who is in over his head - a man spinning his wheels in campaign-mode mud - without the ability to be particularly thoughtful or substantive.

He is a man who has contempt for liberty and rugged individualism.

He almost always sounds foolish.

And America continues to pay the price.

No, dear friends, he isn't brilliant.

Rather, he's ignorant and way out of his league.

That felt good reading that again. Andrew says it better than perhaps I even could, perhaps as well in conflict to Charles Krauthammer's piece today in the Washington Post.

Exit question - why do many among us take the bait that the Obamanation is so brilliant? Like Andrew, I highly disagree

Left Coast Rebel: Awesome Analysis of the Obamanation

-KOOK says:  while I totally agree with this assessment of the man, and I mean to the point that I feel this should be on Obama’s wiki page…and in textbooks for its accuracy and exactness of connotation; Obama is the product of a Machine and a Method.  This Machine & Method has been working towards this 4 years for a long, long, time…the Machine and the Method put him where he is; he is just the figurehead.  He is a true believing ideologue of the progressive academian 60’s hippie radical race baiting capitalist hating machine.  They could put any smooth talking, decent looking (or so I am told), teleprompter reader in his spot.  He is the Berkeley-Churian candidate.

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