July 16, 2010

Quick thought on Wealth

There are really only three ways for a person to generate income for themselves. Obviously the easiest way is to inherit it (and the government is seeing to it that practice is harder and harder to achieve). A very small percentage of people inherit enough wealth to eliminate the need for further income. The second way is the one most would recognize and that is to actually work for it, either through self employment or in someone elses employ. The third way is to capture more of what others produce. This could be through illegal means or legal means. More and more the District of Criminals seems like a wealth creation program for politicians, lawyers, and lobbyists, a profit center for professionals who are in business for themselves. And we see this throughout history, specifically the history of the progressive movement. Regulation in the name of protecting consumers almost uniformly hurts small producers, helps big business, hurts consumers, damages taxpayers, and make politicians more powerful and ultimately more wealthy.

This dodd-frank financial regulation bill is no different. Never mind the insanity of actually listeneing to either dudd or fwank on anything; it will hurt and probably further eliminate the small town banks, make billions for lawyers litigating all the new regs, put money into the politicians who will sooner or later get kickbacks for the beneficiaries of the new regs. And ultimately hurt the little guy.

It is simply another way to swell the size of government make the rich richer and the poor, poorer.

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